The Florida Insurance Lawyer, providing personalized attention while evaluating your damages and negotiating your insurance settlement.

Mr. Sapourn’s wide range of insurance knowledge and expertise allows him to provide representation in a variety of cases, including: Claims Adjusting and Coverage Disputes; Policy Interpretation; Bad Faith & Unfair Claims Practices; Agent’s Errors & Omissions; Suitability of Investments, Life Insurance and Annuities; Claims related to Commercial Property, Condominiums, Homeowner’s Disputes, Premises Liability, Auto Accidents, Boats & Yachts, Hurricanes, Windstorms, Sinkholes, Floods, Fires and more.
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Michael P. Sapourn is a Florida Insurance Lawyer with a far-reaching background in Insurance Industry practices. He can help when you have a problem with your insurance company or your agent.

Why hire The Florida Insurance Lawyer?


Michael Sapourn has 30-plus years of extensive insurance industry experience and currently specializes in insurance matters as an attorney in the State of Florida.


When you have a problem with your insurance company or your agent, you need a knowledgeable Florida Insurance Attorney. Mr. Sapourn spent 23 years running a large, privately-held insurance brokerage in the Washington D.C. area.

Client Attention

If your case simply requires the time necessary for evaluating your damages and negotiating a settlement, you want to know that your lawyer is moving forward as quickly and efficiently as possible toward a satisfactory resolution of the matter and a settlement of your claim.


There are times, though, when a case simply has to go to trial in order to gain the justice deserved by you. Unfortunately, litigation takes time, and you may not always gain your payoff immediately.

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