The Florida Insurance Lawyer, providing personalized attention while
evaluating your damages and negotiating your insurance settlement.


When you have a problem with your insurance company or your agent, you need a knowledgeable Florida Insurance Attorney. Mr. Sapourn spent 23 years running a large, privately-held insurance brokerage in the Washington D.C. area. He moved to Florida in 2002, was a licensed Public Adjuster for seven years and holds the Florida General Lines Agent's License (2-20). Hired by other attorneys for his insurance expertise, Mr. Sapourn has been qualified as an expert in federal and state court in the areas of Bad Faith Insurance Claims practices, Insurance Agent's Standard of Care and Insurance Policy Interpretation. His insider's knowledge makes him a valuable ally to those who must litigate insurance matters to obtain a Just result.


If your case simply requires the time necessary for evaluating your damages and negotiating a settlement, you want to know that your lawyer is moving forward as quickly and efficiently as possible toward a satisfactory resolution of the matter and a settlement of your claim.

There are times, though, when a case simply has to go to trial in order to gain the justice deserved by you. Unfortunately, litigation takes time, and you may not always gain your payoff immediately. Sometimes it can take a year or more but sometimes it can be much sooner. Participation by all parties expedites the process greatly.

Michael Sapourn, through his experience running businesses focusing on customers, understands how important it is to give his clients immediate and specialized attention. Frequent communication with you is essential to him as this provides him with much needed information and enables him to inform you each time the case makes headway. Michael will push to the best of his ability to obtain as quickly as possible a fair resolution to your case.

With Mr. Sapourn, your case is always on the "front burner".